About Us

What we do:

HTH Communications offers a full line of mobile phone products, specializing in CDMA and GSM handsets as well as OEM merchandise in a variety of conditions. We’ve been doing what we do since 2007 and our growth has come from offering development and customization of software solutions to meet the needs of our Micro carriers and MVNO clients. In addition, we provide 3PL and a comprehensive portfolio of logistics and fulfillment services, such as; product sourcing, warehousing, branding/de-branding, testing, flashing, labeling, kitting, programming, made to order software, building, rooting and installing IoT applications, logo customization, packaging and shipping. Handsets are pre-provisioned for the appropriate network and ready to sell right out of the box.

HTH is conveniently located in Houston, Texas which allows our products and services to be efficiently distributed to all locations nationwide.

Our green standards:

At HTH Communications we are concerned with the impact cellular phones are having on the global environment. Millions of old cellular devices find their way into landfills annually, when all that is necessary is some refurbishing. The damage to our planet is becoming more eminent with each passing day and in order to continue to promote a healthy environment our company makes every effort to properly dispose of phone equipment in an environmentally friendly manner.

HTH Communications’ employees strive to provide the highest quality of service and products but are equally concerned about our environment and leaving a better planet for our children.

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